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    The screening committee screens all deals to determine if the opportunity should enter the dealflow for all members. Please provide your recommendation for each deal.

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    This chart shows the distribution of investment activity. Our members have participated in a varying number of deals and this chart allows us to review how many members have made many or few investments.

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    Operations folder in Drive Holds ops-only files
    Ops Team Meeting Running meeting agenda & notes
    Members Meetings Decks, videos for quarterly member meetings
    Deals Google Drive folder Contains folders for deal material
    https://portal.tbdangels.com/?createMemberDetails=true#clientId=recKfAZtUtjjRCXxG Link for new member registration
    https://portal.tbdangels.com/?createDealDetails=true#clientId=recKfAZtUtjjRCXxG Link for founder to send submit deal

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    Shown above are votes for deals created in the last 6 months

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    Provide Feedback

    TBD is a member-run organization and relies on members input for our collective success. Members can share feedback in several ways

    1. Email / message any individual operations team member
    2. Email operations team: [email protected]
    3. Use SuggestionOx:

    TBD Angels Updates


    TBD is a member-run organization and relies on members input for our collective success. Members can share feedback in several ways

    1. Join the #tbd-portal-updates Slack channel for the latest updates
    2. Submit questions, feedback, comments through the portal (see the widget in the upper right)
    3. Directly reach out to Jason: [email protected]


    Recommend a Deal

    Most TBD Angels deals are sourced directly by our members or have some level of connection with our members. One value we can all create for each other is in bringing dealflow to the group.

    • We do not currently have a specific thesis, but group generally prefers US-based startups in the early-stage (seed/pre-seed) with a technology lean.
    • These remain soft criteria because we want to be open to opportunities that might not align exactly with our portfolio but are great founders, ideas, markets, etc.
    • If an opportunity might not make sense for you, it might resonate greatly with other members.
    • Recommending a deal does not mean you need to lead the deal or even invest in the deal

    Know of a great founder, team or opportunity? It only takes 5min to which will put the opportunity in front of the rest of TBD Angels!

    Lead a Deal

    Do you want to engage with entrepreneurs and fellow TBD members? Leading a deal involves helping shepherd a deal throughout its lifecycle from initial pitch meeting to the closing

    • Deal Lead Playbook: Detailed steps involved with leading a deal through the investment process
    • Deal Lead Quick Checklist: Quick set of steps for members experienced in leading deals
    • Deal Lead Training, May 21, 2021 (Pitch Video || Deck): The process team provides a full walk through of the deal process with Q&A. Recommended for anyone who has or might want to lead a deal
    • #tbd-deal-leads: Ask questions about the deal leading process in this dedicated Slack channel
    • Schedule a pitch meeting: Choose the date and time for the meeting. The rest (calendar invites for members and founders, booking zoom, etc.) is automated!
    • Sample diligence questions: This includes some common questions. Feel free to use these as a baseline in your conversations with the founder. Suggest additional questions if you have some!
    • Pitch survey: Members receive a remimnder to complete a survey, but feel free to encourage those who have attended the pitch or viewed the pitch video to provide feedback. This is a valuable piece of our deal evaluation process!
    • Example Deal Memos: Feel free to use any of these past deal memos as a template for the investment brief that you'll share with the membership

    Refer a Member

    Do you know any angel investors passionate about collaborating with startups?

    • Criteria for members
      • Experience of operators / entrepreneurs / experienced industry professionals
      • Help TBD Angels meet one or both of our goals:
      • Collaborate within the group to create value through collaboration
      • Assist our portfolio companies as they build and scale their companies
      • Endeavor to invest in one or more companies each year
      • Goal to have at least 100 members by the end of the year
      • Accredited Investors
    • Expectations of a member
      • Contribute and extract learnings with the group through participation
      • Informally be an external voice for the group
      • Be responsive to other TBD Angels & founders
      • Commit to at least one deal at $2,500 per year
    To refer a great candidate...
    1. Discuss TBD Angels with the prospective candidate and get a sense of their goals and objectives behind joining the group
    2. Send an email to [email protected] (without the candidate) to describe the candidate and why you think they'd make a great member of our group.
    3. Someone on the ops team will ask you for a direct intro to the candidate and schedule a 15-20min conversation with the candidate.

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